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Refined Glycerine USP Grade 99.7%

We present to the customers finest quality Refined Glycerine, processed from high grade ingredients. We offer Refined Glycerine that is used for varied purposes in a multitude of industrial sectors. We provide Refined Glycerine in safe packaging to the customers and at the most cost-effective rates. We thoroughly check the Refined Glycerine before delivering it to the customers.


SR. NO Properties Range
1 Glycerol content 99.7%
2 Moisture Content 0.3 % max
3 Assay 99.0 - 101.0% (on dry basis)
4 Heavy Metals 5 ppm Max
5 Water 0.5% Max
6 Chlorides 10 ppm Max
7 Sulfate 20 ppm Max


  • Multiple pharmaceutical use
  • Glycerites added to Hydrogen Peroxide to draw out microorganisms in wound treatment as well as keeping Oxygen released and present
  • Coronary vasodilator
  • Plasticized (with Glycerin) oral capsules
  • Vehicle for antibiotics and antiseptics
  • Relieving eye pressure associated with Glaucoma either orally or topically
  • Veterinary medicine (bronchial asthma in dogs/bovine ketosis)
  • Lubricant for catheters, Cough syrup ingredient
  • Soap ingredient for people with severe skin irritation
  • Solvent use in a multitude of dental agents, Toothpaste ingredient
  • Facial moisturizer ingredient, Lipstick and mascara in women’s cosmetics
  • Body lotions, Sunscreen, Shampoo, Body wash
  • Cosmetics/Makeup, Mouthwash
  • Acts as a sugar or sweetening substitute for diabetics
  • Soft drinks and confections as a sweetener, preservative and solvent, Ice cream
  • sed in meat casings, collagen casings Humectants and softening agent for cakes and candies
  • Polyglycerol esters are used in margarines and shortenings
  • humectant in pet foods, Foods (Baking additive)

Packing: 250 Kg Drum