Fully refined paraffin wax

Type:semi/ Fully refined paraffin wax 58/60
Kunlun Brand from PetroChina
Melting Point 56-58 -60ASTM D87
Oil Content Wt% 0.5 Max ASTM D721
Color (saybolt) +28 Min ASTM D156
Light stability 4 Max SH/


This product is produced by Refineries in Northeastern China, which adopts modern technology of solvent deoiling and hydrorefining. It is widely used in candles, rubber tire and wrapper industries, etc

Grade Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 58/60 Semi-refined Paraffin Wax 58/60
Melting Point 58-60 58-60
Oil Content , wt% 0.5 Max 0.75Max
Color, Saybolt +28 Min +17 Min
Light Stability 4 Max 7 Max
Needle Penetration (25℃)1/10mm 18 Max 23 Max
Kinematic Viscosity(100℃) MM2/S 3.856 3.756
Odor 1 Max 2 Max
Soluble Acid OR Alkaline NIL NIL
Impurity OR Water NIL NIL